Monday, July 25, 2011

31 minutes @ the treadmill...

It was a more than harder 31:19 mins @ the treadmill... the workout below,

5 min brisk walk,
3 min jog,
1.5 min walk,
5 min jog,
2.5 min walk, (did 1.5 mins instead)
3 min jog, (got kind of tired by the end of this one)
1.5 min walk, (did 2.5 mins to recoup)
5 min jog, (wasn't really sure I'd pull this one off, but I did)
2.5 min walk, (walked about 5 mins after this)
walk enough to complete 2 miles.

I wasn't really sure I'd pull this walk-run off this time, but I did. I'll be repeating this workout every other day until I'm able to do this without losing my breath (or it's feels less strained).

Tonight I believe I will do the walk-punch routine...

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