Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 minute walk with weighted punches.

It's been 3 walk-runs already, 30 minutes each. As I type this, my shaky hands from the last 30-minute walk don't allow me to do it properly. These last two walk runs having been different from the program mentioned early. In the one before last, I picked up my baby for the first fourteen minutes, and jogged for about six minutes in one minute jog, one minute walk intervals. This last one consisted in a 30 minute walk, throwing punches carrying a one-pound weight in each hand, 120 punches per minute. Hence the shaky hands.

I hope I'm box ready soon. I intend to do a 30-minute jog/walk tonight more according to the program, but let's see. I might do the 30 minute jog every other day, and the 30-minute jog/walk on the following days.

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